Blower Purge Dryers


Model: KBD Series
Flow rate: 500 to 4300 scfm
Pressure dewpoint: down to -40° F

Kaeser Blower Purge (KBD) Dryers are heated regenerative desiccant dryers that produce dewpoints as low as -40° F. Using activated alumina and large, specifically designed desiccant beds, these dryers cycle air through twin towers and alternately drying the air via adsorption and regenerating the "wet" desiccant. KBD dryers provide the greatest energy savings by introducing atomospheric air and heating it for regenerating the desiccant. The heated air has a higher capacity for adsorbing water and provides more effective regeneraion while also eliminating the need to use costly compressed air.


  • Reliable dewpoints as low as -40° F
  • Outstanding energy savings by heating atmospheric air for regeneration and using no purge air
  • Spherical crush resistant, activated alumina desiccant for long service life and minimal dusting
  • Large desiccant beds ensure consistent dew points and are specifically designed to reduce channeling
  • Reliable controls and instrumention meets NEMA 4 standards
  • Color change moisture indicator
  • ASME stamped pressure vessels rated for 150 psig at 450° F
  • Standard Pressure relief valves meets ASME Section VIII
  • Standard stainless steel support screens filter out large contaminants and protects valves
  • Stainless steel air diffusors help prevent channeling