Model: N Series
Capacities to 629 cfm
Horse power: 3 to 60 hp
Pressures to 650 psig

Pressure where you need it

A booster compressor uses pre-compressed air from the main air system and increases the pressure for a specific application such as seal testing in pneumatic and hydraulic devices, presses, clamping fixtures and PET bottle production. Most industrial and commercial facilities are designed for pressures of 90 to 100 psig. Adding a booster compressor to increase pressure only where it is required, is more economical than using higher pressures for the entire facility.

High-pressure pumps

The high-pressure pumps with two or three cylinders are completely manufactured by Kaeser and feature lower RPMs for extended operational life and consistent efficiency.

High quality cylinders

Kaeser's booster compressors are equipped with precision-manufactured cylinders, finished through a special process to ensure minimum oil consumption and negligible wear for exceptional durability.

Lower discharge temperatures

Three cylinder models feature an aftercooler with a two-speed fan to ensure lowest possible compressed air discharge temperatures